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CLIENTE: Accademia Costume & Moda
WORK : Graphic design , Art direction
TYPE : Magazine

For the final project of the Master I realized my own fashion magazine called “We are Euphoria Magazine. From the Greek εuφορία whose meaning comes from the union of ευ «good» and φέρω «bring» in the fulfilled sense of “bringing abundance, fertility. It is a sensation, real or illusory, of somatic and psychic well- being that results in a greater vivacity, a tendency to optimistic interpretations; it is often connected with mostly minor phenomena of intoxication.

The magazine takes its name from this feeling present in each of us and that flows especially in young adolescents, oppressed by fears, insecurities but also by a boundless desire to live. This magazine highlights the lightheartedness and excitement typical of the adolescent world, but that unites all the targets, through different perspectives, proposing photographs, illustrations and traits of poems in which people can identify themselves in those unexpected words.

Titled "Pharmakon," this issue delves into the theme of antonyms, words that contain within them two contrary meanings. The main focus is on the Greek word pharmakon, which simultaneously signifies poison and antidote. Through photography, illustrations, and poetic expressions, this issue invites readers to explore the complexities and dualities inherent in language and human experiences.

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