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WORK : Concept, Art direction
TYPE : Fashion film

Inspired by the jewelry brand WORM and the lyrics of Radiohead's 'Creep,' the fashion film project WORM was brought to life by a dedicated team focusing on concept and art direction. The video delves into themes of feeling like an outsider in a world fixated on perfection and aesthetic stereotypes. Drawing from the brand ethos of WORM and the emotional depth of the song, the project captures a sense of being a 'weirdo' in a society that values conformity. Through thoughtful art direction and a compelling narrative, the fashion film challenges conventional ideas of beauty and celebrates individuality in all its unique forms.

After the initial rejection of all human superstructures, the protagonist progressively returns to a primordial state of nature. Through a gradual symbiosis with the earth, struggling and slithering on the ground, the subject eventually takes on the form of a worm. The choreography realized by the performer reproduces a metamorphosis process, towards a complete fusion with the environment. Just like worms which, digging the soil deep down, are capable of giving it back in a form that facilitates its fertility, the human being finds in it his rebirth. As worms are devoid of limbs, the protagonist’s arms and legs’ movements become increasingly limited, eventually resulting in jerky and frenzied actions. Taking the concept to the limit, the protagonist tries to exorcise this side of her personality, until she reaches peace and harmony in the epilogue, stepping into oneness with the surrounding nature. In the final scene, the subject, laying down to the ground, assumes the shape of a spiral – explicit reference to Tilmans – and blends with the soil, drawing herself off the view.

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