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CLIENT: Accademia Costume & Moda
WORK : Styling , Art direction
TYPE : Shooting

Backanalia is a shooting created for a Master's course, in collaboration with my team. Based on Studio 54, the project explores the theme of 'freedom beyond boundaries.' I was responsible for styling and Art Direction, particularly dressing a drag queen, one of the protagonists of the shoot, to best represent this concept. Every detail was designed to convey exuberance, sophistication, and a distinctive aesthetic vision.

The aim of the project is to create a shooting inspired by Studio 54, a famous club from the 70s in New York, in which there were not labels. Studio 54 elevated these defined groups of people from homosexuals to drag queens to avant-garde artists and designers by giving them a space where they could emphatically be themselves - able to express who they are, explore their identities, and engage in the types of behaviours that they pleased. Infact the message that the shooting wants to convey is freedom beyond boundaries. In particular I have dealt with the character of the drag queen as a stylist and art director


Emma Nicoli

Arianna Truzoli

Alessia D’Alterio

Alice Pischiutta

Beatrice Casa

Federico Giacoia

Luca Augello

Francesca Gargano
Manuela Battioli
Rosi Di Stefano
Roberto Grandi

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